About US

Our mission is to prepare the learners of today with the skills, knowledge and mindset to tackle the big challenges of the 21st Century.

Our Vision

We are building a future where anyone, anywhere can access the very best educational programmes in Mediation and Dispute Resolution. We offer direct pathways to qualifications from leading universities and meaningful career outcomes.


By partnering with universities we help them:

Accelerate the delivery of new skills-based programmes at the postgraduate and professional levels.
Attract international learners looking to study with these leading institutions.
Provide engaging, personalized, and flexible digital learning experiences.


Our mediation programmes combine industry-leading practitioners with academic excellence to
blend theory, practice and skills into engaging digital learning experiences
preparing learners for 21st Century legal practice.


Our approaches to learning design, theory, and practice are empirically driven. Our global faculty are respected commentators and experienced practitioners.


We take on monumental challenges with a spirit of determination and consistently pursue excellence in everything we do.


We are thoughtful and generously spirited with our colleagues, partners, learners, and collaborators.


We are open-minded to new ideas and are always learning.

How We Do This

Technology and rapid innovation is disrupting legal practice and regulatory and market forces demand new skills of lawyers and other professionals to survive and thrive in the 21st Century. We create new in-demand skills-based programmes with leading universities for online or blended delivery.

Rapid design and deployment
Collaboration with university faculty
Elegant, interactive learning design
Practice orientated learning
Access to a global community of students
Employability-focused programmes

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