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Internationally Accredited mediation training - Dublin

Qualify as an Accredited Mediator and gain the skills and knowledge to mediate  disputes at home or across borders.

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Programme Information

Dublin (including Assessment)
In addition to online lessons

Combines a 5-day intensive workshop with online learning. Immersive online learning includes interactive case study simulations that prepare you for the workshop and the reality of commercial practice.

Accrediting Body
International Mediation Institute (IMI) Qualified Mediator & UK Civil Mediation Council (CMC)

The  IMI offer a  rigorous and comprehensive accreditation and their international status ensures global recognition of this qualification. The CMC sets professional standards for UK mediators.


€2950 - Programme Fee

Your programme fee includes all online learning, course handbook, in-person workshop, refreshments and lunches. *Mediator Academy Alumni receive 10% discount (verified by your blockchain certificate)



About this PROGRAMME

This certified mediation training programme has a commercial focus and you will learn how the Mediation Act 2017 regulates mediation practice in Ireland. You'll also learn how regulation is driving demand for mediators in Ireland and discover new opportunities opening up in the UK.

This course is dual accredited by the International Mediation Institute and the Civil Mediation Council. The IMI's qualifications framework offers an internationally recognised certification and the opportunity to market your practice in Ireland and abroad. Successful completion of this course will also entitle you to join the CMC who oversee the accreditation standards of mediators in the UK.

You will learn from an international faculty of commercial practitioners and study in an immersive and flexible way. This mediation course combines both online and in-person intensive skills practice preparing you for mediation work in both online and face-to-face cases and making this one of the most comprehensive mediation courses in Ireland.

Our small cohort-based learning model ensures that you'll receive focused 1-2-1 coaching and feedback so that you master the skills you need to feel confident practicing as a mediator on your first assignment.

Who is this Training for?

This training is ideally suited for anyone wishing to learn how to mediate commercial or workplace disputes. You don't need a legal background to practice as a commercial mediator and we receive applications from people with a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Some are looking to take a new career direction and others are looking to add to an already complimentary skill set. Here are just some of the professionals that have completed the programme and the benefits derived:

Solicitors and Barristers

As professionals that are familiar with working in and around disputes, solicitors and barristers trained in mediation can now add an additional service line to their dispute resolution offering.  In addition, they are also able to support their clients more effectively having improved their knowledge of mediation and they also bring more sophisticated negotiation skills to the table.

HR Practitioners

This is another group of professionals that are often dealing with 'people issues' and organisational conflicts on a regular basis. Our mediation training has helped many HR professionals to hone their communication skills and develop the skills and confidence to resolve workplace disputes.

Quantity Surveyors & Project Managers

The construction industry is notorious for experiencing a high volume of conflict and Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers are uniquely positioned to understand the drivers and impact of conflict. Which is why many construction professionals look to add mediation skills to their portfolio as this enables them to get involved much earlier in the conflict lifecycle and focus their skills on preventing conflict before it escalates into a dispute.

Accountants and Finance Professionals

Commercial disputes always involve money and some large commercial disputes can become very complex, this is where professionals with a solid understanding of financial management can bring their skills into dispute resolution. Once they become professional mediators they are able to combine the softer skills of rapport building, active listening and empathy with some of their harder analytical skills that enable them to work comfortable on complex financial disputes.

Why This Programme

This programme brings together the best of online and in-person learning for a unique educational experience leading to the gold standard in international mediation certification.


Interactive and Personalised Online Learning

Experience an immersive and engaging online learning experience. Learn in a flexible and engaging way, meet your peers and tutors on the live sessions.

Online and in-person

Small Cohort Size  in-person

A maximum cohort size of 10 students guarantees you'll receive targeted and personalised feedback and coaching.

Live online sessions

Video based Coaching & Feedback

Maximise skills acquisition and build your confidence through just-in-time, video based coaching and 1-2-1 feedback as you mediate and resolve disputes through role play practice.

Checklist of items

International Certification

Receive a worldwide recognised mediation qualification. Its rigorous and future-focussed international standards,  enhances career mobility and provides a distinct advantage over other accreditations.

Accredited course

Future Proof Curriculum

Mediation law and practice have changed dramatically. Hit the ground running with the skills and knowledge to work in a rapidly changing commercial environment and learn about new and growing areas of practice.

Checklist of items

World Class expert Faculty

Our online global faculty is made up of the most experienced and renowned commercial practitioners and academics in the world. Our in-person faculty have extensive experience teaching conflict resolution and mediation online and in-person, around the world for 15 years. They are also experienced mediation practitioners working with commercial clients and also resolving workplace disputes for the public and private sectors.

Reserve Your Place

September 2024
Dublin (8.30am-5.30pm) 2nd - 6th September
Includes Assessment Day
All inclusive Fee of €2950
*Online sessions: 22nd, 27th & 29th August



Programme Fee €2950

January 2025Dublin (8.30am-5.30pm) 6th - 10th January
Includes Assessment Day
All inclusive Fee of €2950
*Online sessions: 2nd & 3rd January (5-7pm)



*Two 2-hr live-online sessions will run via Zoom. See Programme Curriculum for more information about how your online learning is structured.

Why Mediator Academy

Established over 10 years ago, Mediator Academy are specialists in conflict and dispute resolution. We provide mediation training and education for professionals including professional development for legal. More than 10,000 international learners have completed our online and in-person courses and more than 150 accredited professional mediators have graduated from our programmes. You will gain an in-depth understanding of mediation ethics and conflict resolution theory. You will also radically improve your communication skills as well as develop new and advanced negotiation skills. Our certified mediation training programme will give you the confidence and practical skills to mediate and resolve disputes of a commercial nature.

Join our community of practitioners and get access to a wealth of resources so that you continually learn, grow, develop and network.

Access to thought leadership. You will have unique access to and learn from the most respected and, crucially, the busiest commercial mediators on the planet.

Programme Curriculum

Flexible Online Lessons

Module 1 - Mediation Processes & Skills

Discover how mediation has changed as a result of the pandemic. Design process models for different disputes. See different mediation skills and strategies in action. Assess which cases are suitable for mediation and draft the documents that you and the parties need.

Module 2 - Mediation Principles

Gain an in-depth understanding of conflict analysis for mediation. Tackle ethical challenges in mediation and take a position on some of the debates influencing the sector. Find out how the Mediation Act, 2017 and other law impacts on your practice. Learn about new practice areas and future job opportunities.

*Module 1 must be completed before the in-person workshops

Live Sessions

Your online learning will consist of three 2-hour live tutorials via Zoom and two Modules of interactive lessons which you can undertake in your own time and at your own pace.

Tutorial 1 - Orientation

Meet your tutors and fellow participants and find out what's ahead. Set some goals and expectations and address questions around the assessment process.

Tutorial 2 - Dispute Analysis

Learn how to plan a mediation from start to finish. Use models of conflict analysis to find our what is driving the dispute and motivating the parties.

Tutorial 3 - Workshop Preparation

Dive right into the skill practice sessions through practical exercises. Discover how our coaching model will accelerate your skill acquisition and prepare for the first in-person workshop.

Day 1 & 2

Learn how manage client intake and get the mediation process underway. Deliver effective opening statements and manage difficult parties and challenging situations.

Day 3 & 4

Move further into the mediation process and implement your mediation plan. Facilitate negotiation and bargaining, and overcome deadlocks. Draft effective mediated agreements. Intensive skill practice mediating commercial cases.

Day 5

Undertake your mediation skills assessment in a supported, stress-free environment, and take the next steps toward launching your commercial mediation career.



Sabine Walsh

Co-founder & Head of Learning

Qualified solicitor and mediator with over 1500 hours of mediation experience. Skilled programme designer, trainer and assessor. Expertise in designing interactive online learning. Author and past president of Mediators Institute of Ireland.


Aled Davies

Co-founder & CEO Mediator Academy

Over 20 years experience in mediation as a practitioner on complex multi-party disputes, as educator training 100s of mediators and professionals across industry.  His style of teaching and coaching brings out the best in students.


Justice Michael Peart

Mediator & Arbitrator

Practising solicitor 1970-2002, Judge of the High Court and Court of Appeal, Ireland 2002-2019. Now a full-time accredited mediator and arbitrator with Armistice.



Geoff sharp

Mediator, Maxwell Mediators

London, Singapore

Who's Who Legal - Global Top 5 Mediator

Turlough O'Donnell, SC

Senior Counsel, Accredited Mediator

Dublin, Ireland

'Global leader for mediation' Who’s Who Legal

bill wood Kc

Mediator, Maxwell Mediators - Singapore

London, Singapore

Ranked #1 Mediation Silk in the UK

nadja alexander

Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy

London, Singapore

Global Elite Thought Leader, Who's Who Legal, 2022

jane player

Mediator, Jane Player Mediation


Corporate Livewire Commercial Mediator of the Year

Tat Lim

Mediator, Maxwell Mediators, Singapore

London, Singapore

'The best in Singapore' Who's Who Legal

Sue Prevezer KC

Mediator, Brick Court Chambers, UK


‘just fearsomely bright’ Legal 500

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About Mediator Academy

We are an innovative conflict resolution and mediation education company with a mission to prepare learners with the skills and knowledge to tackle the big challenges of the 21st Century. Our pioneering learning design, collaboration with global industry leaders alongside university and other professional partnerships enable us to bring career-focused education to learners anywhere. Our subject matter expertise alongside our international network has enabled us to create the most rigorous mediation training and education programmes in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training for?

This is a course well suited for any individual looking to qualify as a professional mediator. However some people choose to enrol onto this course because they want to improve their conflict resolution skills and become more effective at dealing with interpersonal or workplace conflict in their managerial roles. Our alumni come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds including solicitors, barristers and other legal professionals, human resource managers, senior managers from public and private sector organisations, probation officers, social workers, quantity surveyors, accountants and many other professions.

How do I become a qualified mediator in Ireland?

To become a qualified mediator in Ireland the first thing you'll need to do is to complete an accredited mediation training course. Once accredited you'll then need to gain some experience which is often done by gaining 'observer-ships' with experienced mediators. Graduates that come through our accredited programmes can often access these observer-ships through our alumni network. We also offer advice and assistance with getting your practice started.

What is the time commitment?

The overall learning commitment is approximately 60 hours, divided between self-directed and synchronous, structured learning.

The in-person workshop sessions are 5 full-days and you must attend all sessions.

The exact time taken for the online lessons will depend on how you structure your study sessions and how quickly you work your way through the materials. You must complete Module 1 online before attending the in person workshops for the best learning experience.
This should take you about 10-12 hours.

Module 2 can be completed after the workshop and will also take about 10-12 hours to complete

You will also need to attend the live online sessions which are a further 6 hours spread across three sessions.

Our rigorous skills assessment process includes a one-hour long mediation which will be recorded and assessed by expert external assessors. It will be graded on a pass/fail basis against the International Mediators Institute  Competency Framework. You will have plenty of time to practice and prepare for this and our faculty will provide coaching and feedback to ensure you hit the ground running.

How will I access the online part of the programme?

You will access the online sections of the programme via our dedicated Learning Management Platform. You can study on a laptop, tablet or even your phone, though for the best experience we recommend a desktop or laptop computer. You will need a stable internet connection. The in-person sessions will take place at the Ormond Rooms in Dublin 7.

How long is the programme?

Our Accredited Commercial Mediation Programme is a blended programme which means a portion of your study will be completed online but the vast majority will completed in-person.

The in-person workshop consists of 5 intensive days of skill practice, exercises and case study role-play simulation.
On the final day of the workshop will undertake your role-play assessments.

The online portion of your studies consist of three 2-hour live classes, the remaining portion consists of approximately 20 hours of online lessons that are self directed - that means you can study at your own pace and own time. This will provide much of the theoretical background to conflict, mediation and negotiation.

Your online lessons also contain cinema-quality video role play scenarios that track a number of different commercial disputes. You'll get to see a dispute from all perspectives, not the just the mediator but also lawyers and other participants. You will have access to your online lessons for 12 months, but you must complete all parts of the programme in order to get your certificate.

You must attend all in-person workshop sessions and assessment day. They are intensive and incredibly rewarding, as one delegate put it 'The days and evenings were long and challenging punctuated with essential breaks. Exactly as a properly run mediation should be.'

Can I practice as mediator after this programme?

Yes absolutely, providing you successfully complete the course and pass the assessments, you can practice as an International Mediation Institute (IMI) Qualified Mediator. You can be listed on the IMI website. After building up mediation experience, you can also undertake further advanced assessment and also study for specialisms. You'll also be a UK Civil Mediation Council qualified mediator which opens up opportunities in the UK for you.

How much do mediators get paid in Ireland?

It depends on a number of factors, for example self employed family mediators might earn less than self employed commercial mediators for the equivalent number of hours/days worked. In commercial cases it also depends upon the value of the dispute being mediated. Commercial mediators mediating low value disputes, for example, would typically charge between €500 and  €1000 per party. Fees for higher value disputes greater than say a €1M might attract higher fees of between €1500 to €2500 per party. At the high end, the top commercial mediators would attract day rates of around €10,000.

It also depends upon your level of experience, so if you are just starting out your career you might be eager to get your first 5 cases and therefore offer favourable rates in order to get your foot in the door, gain experience and become known.

Mediator salary ranges in Ireland

A number of state bodies employ full time mediators as do family mediation services around the country. Salaries for permanently employed mediators can be around €38,000 for entry level roles, going up to around €70,000 for more experienced practitioners.

How much does mediation cost in Ireland?

A commercial mediation typically costs around €2,000 for a low value dispute, with the costs and mediator fees shared equally between the parties. For higher value disputes, parties can expect to pay up to €5,000 each for a top flight professional mediator. Costs can vary quite significantly depending upon upon the nature of the dispute. For example a workplace mediation might cost around €1500 - €2500 depending upon the seniority of the parties and/or the experience of the mediator.

How do I learn mediation skills?

The quickest and most effective way to learn mediation skills is to attend one of our accredited courses, alternatively you can take one of our shorter introductory course to first give you an overview of the skills so you can then decide whether to take you professional development one step further.

Do I need a background in law?

No, you do not have to be a legal professional to undertake this programme, it is equally suited to people working in different sectors such as banking and finance, construction and other commercial sectors. A broad understanding of how the legal system works will be an advantage, and we can direct you to resources on this topic to help you to prepare.

How will I be assessed?

The skills assessment is a one-hour long mediation which will be recorded and assessed by expert external assessors. It will be graded on a pass/fail basis against the IMI Competency Framework. You will have plenty of time to practice and prepare for this and our faculty will provide coaching and feedback to ensure you hit the ground running.

The online sessions will be assessed by an online multiple choice assessment with a pass grade of 50%.

Can I practice as mediator after this programme?

Yes absolutely, providing you successfully complete the course and pass the assessments, you can practice as an International Mediation Institute Qualified Mediator. You can be listed on the IMI website. After building up mediation experience, you can also undertake further advanced assessment and also study for specialisms. You'll also be a UK Civil Mediation Council qualified mediator which opens up opportunities in the UK for you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major debit or credit cards. Payments can also be made via bank transfer directly into our account (details below). Please use your surname and invoice number as payment reference.

Account Name: Glyndwr Media Limited
IBAN: GB50 REVO 0099 6911 5443 91

If your firm, company or employer is paying on your behalf and you need us to raise an invoice then please contact us by email:
s u p p o r t @ m e d i a t o r a c a d e m y . c o m

When will I get access to the online course materials?

As soon as your course fee has been processed you will receive a receipt along with a welcome email containing all your login details and online course instructions. The live online sessions will already be scheduled and you'll be given access to your online lessons prior to the first live orientation session.

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